Peace in the Workplace Seminar

Getting It, Keeping It, Sharing It… and how it adds to profitability.

What is this seminar about?

Getting, Keeping, and Sharing PEACE for ourselves and our workplaces is possible. It is not an on-off switch, but a graduating thermostat of success—simply doing more of what works. The additional “big win” here is that it is indeed very profitable to embrace these techniques. This innovative seminar shows how.

Who should attend?

Managers and Owners from all industries will appreciate this (slightly alternative) one-day seminar. The day explores innovative methods to build a kinder, gentler culture in the workplace. But don’t be mistaken, for everything we address has a tie-in to a more profitable bottom line. It’s simply a newer, distinct kind of conversation.

Your Presenter/Facilitator, Tim McHeffey brings over three decades of workplace wisdom as a manager, speaker and author. He has worked with big and small companies, profit and not-for-profit, and has trained thousands of business people across the country. This seminar is based on his latest work-in-progress: “Peanut Butter and Jelly Religion… Finding Peace in Your Workplace, Your Home, Your Self ” (conquering fear and being happy in everyday spirituality).

Participants will take with them… their own customized action plan (to begin tomorrow!) guaranteed to improve the culture of communication—generating and improving peace for ourselves and our companies. This inevitably heightens the direction of improved efficiencies and effectiveness in daily productivity. Net result: increased, measured profitability.

Seminar Outline/Sequence of Day (this gets adapted for a half-day workshop):

9:00 AM: Introductions and What Does a Peaceful Workplace Look Like? Check-Up Survey “How Peaceful is Your Workplace?” (a 19-question test about your company and you; advises us what to work on; where to concentrate our efforts and energy).

10:00 AM: History of Balance in the Business World (1980, 1995, 2007, 2016); Homeostasis; Human Behavioral, Inherent Traits; “Self-Business Plan” (you first, then… company); Real Peace: R U Faking It?! (and why this is crucial to performance).

11:00 AM: Applying Peace Techniques in Everyday Workplace Activities: Delegating, Motivating, Communicating (without the edge), Hiring, Resolving Conflicts (and other everyday tasks with customers, employees, bosses … in-laws), Managing Time and Life. Bonus: How Can You Tell if Someone is at Peace? (potential lunchtime discussion sharing).

12:00 NOON: *********************************************************

Post Luncheon “Extra” (visit from massage therapist, who will do necks and shoulders of those who are interested).

1:00 PM: “Musical Revue” and Other Biographical Recommendations (applying songs, books, CDs, quotes to everyday living…); Tools: the Ot Meter; DQA (dozen quarters of appreciation); SEO (self-energy-option).

2:00 PM: Transference of Skills; Measuring ROI in Everything (simple, welcome methods); Value-Impact on Us, our Peeps, our Organizations; REAL Rubric Situational Appraisals (creating our own checklists to audit structures in our organizations, with goal-metrics and time-tracking indicators).

3:00 PM: Swimming with Toxic Sharks/Tonic Sharks (using mistakes to chip away at fear and anxiety); Judging (or not); Forgiving (or not); Admiring (or not); Enough (or not); Structure (or not); Meditative Techniques (pros/cons, latest research revisited, cutting-edge trends in the boardroom; stillness, mindfulness, repetition, rumination, thought-bites).