Meet Tim

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Tim McHeffey, MBA, brings over thirty years of being on the “firing-line” daily, demonstrating solutions to true-to-life management problems. McHeffey has worked with both large and small companies. He is a past seminar-author and presented for both Skill-Path and Dun and Bradstreet, and has successfully trained thousands of business people. Tim resides in Center Moriches, NY, with his wife, Danielle. He has four children and four grandchildren.

His publications include:

  • Creating Magic… Ten Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney (based on the principles taught at the world-renowned Disney Institute; by Lee Cockerell, Former Executive VP, Operations, Walt Disney World) Teacher’s Guide
    Random House, NY, NY 2014.
  • Solving Sticky People Problems with Employees Morgan-James Publishing, NY, NY 2011. Available at book- sellers everywhere.
  • Mad to Glad—Dealing With Difficult Customers Mark-Ed/MBA Research, OH 2005 – used in classrooms across America to help students communicate more effectively when dealing with the public.
  • Maintaining the Store… Keeping Up Appearances Crisp Learning/ Thompson, CA 2003. Commissioned by the National Retail Federation-used in corporate training programs at Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and Hold Everything.
  • Juggling the Journey… thirty-five keys to effective living (at work and home) IBE, NY 1996. It was on this book that he based his Dun and Bradstreet seminar, Self-Management, rolled out in cities throughout California in 1999.

Some of Tim’s select, past clients include: