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Tim McHeffey – PBJ Religion – Radio Packet 2019


Tim McHeffey (pronounced McKeffie) previously featured on…

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Author of “PBJ Religion” tells your audience:

  • Why church might be toxic and even dangerous for you
  • How to make your life suck just a little bit less right now
  • The three most important things your parents never told you about God
  • How to make going to church non-toxic for you
  • How to turn a bad religious experience into a new life within seven days
  • How to stop being tricked into living in fear
  • How to find PEACE in two quick, easy steps
  • Who is the fastest growing religious segment in the US (23% of the population!!)


What People Are Saying

“PBJ Religion is not about religion at all. It does not matter what God you believe in or even if you don’t believe in God. This book is some of the best advice I have ever seen presented in a way that will make you think about what legacy you will leave.”

–Lee Cockerell, former EVP Walt Disney World (PBJ Religion foreword writer)