Is Your Workplace Peaceful? Quiz

Take this 19-question quiz to find out…

“Free Check-Up” Employee Survey

1. E-mails going back and forth become sarcastic (almost never/sometimes/often).

2. “Corner Conversations” are quiet chats which end abruptly when certain people stroll around. “Corner conversations” take place (almost never/sometimes/often).

3. Employees complain about working (almost never/sometimes/often).

4. Your co-workers say things like “I disagree,” and/or “ that will probably not work here” (almost never/sometimes/often).

5. When someone is looking for a certain solution to a work question, the particular answer is written down (almost never/sometimes/often).

6. There is a sense of rushing around—like there’s never enough time to get everything done (almost never/sometimes/often).

7. People are very serious on their telephone calls (almost never/sometimes/often).

8. Customer issues are dragged out (almost never/sometimes/often).

9. Employee issues are dragged out (almost never/sometimes/often).

10. Think of people with whom you work. You may not know the answer to this, but just guess. they probably beep their car horns (almost never/sometimes/often).

11. The atmosphere feels stressful—like things are somewhat out of control (almost never/sometimes/often).

12. People look tired (almost never/sometimes/often).

13. People pretend to like each other (almost never/sometimes/often).

14. Employees are glad and relieved when bosses leave the holiday party (almost never/sometimes/often).

15. Lots of swearing takes place (almost never/sometimes/often).

16. Employees smoke (almost never/sometimes/often).

17. Employees discuss drinking (almost never/sometimes/often).

18. Employees discuss their diets (almost never/sometimes/often).

19. Employees discuss their bills (almost never/sometimes/often).

Now count up your almost nevers, your sometimes’, and your oftens; and check the blog for details on what this all means!