“Pay the Piper…”

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Pay the Piper, we will all have to do that– no exceptions.  Call it Karma, call it Purgatory… pick your poison as they say.  But just like a big, fat, furry cat who waits on your doorstep for hours… it’ll be waiting for you– for all of us.  Nobody gets away with anything.  In a few days, you will hear of numerous new lawsuits involving abusive priests.  The stories are horrible.  The Catholic Church will have to “pay the piper.”  Money settlements are the only objective measure of consequence other than incarceration this country has for most crimes.  It is just one method of paying up.  PBJ Religion says to “do the right thing, always.”  Most of us truly do know what is right or wrong, but we are challenged to match the values to behaviors.  Most of us are not guilty of the heinous crimes we will read about when the new law kicks into high gear this week.  WHEN we do the right thing with clear conscience, we need not fear repercussions.  Are there inequities in the world?  Def. Unfair judgements?    Absolutely.   But know that it (whatever that “it” means to you individually), will be reconciled.  There is a balancing out in life that (although it is foggy to us) is working continuously.  The wrong shall fail, the right shall prevail.  Good does win out over evil, eventually and most definitively.  the paying of the piper is not a happy story; but is applicable to every situation in life.  Do unto others as they would like it done unto them, and you will be happy.  It’s immutable.

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