Are you a ‘scaredey-Catholic?’ “The Three Things Your Parents Never Told You About God”



If you we brought up like me, you may still be a scaredey cat… or shall I say a ‘scaredey Catholic?” Most of us don’t go around regularly and say that we’re afraid. But we are. And that is normal and natural. Sure, it’s an effed-up world. And even though many Biblical references advise us not to fear, it’s a human, inherent condition. Maybe these three points will help alleviate a bit of that nervousness. Number 1. God is only Love, it is not possible for God to be otherwise. He is never mean nor does God ever attempt to be scary; pure Love. 2. God forgives everyone and everything. Sometimes it can take a while, but it happens, eventually and unconditionally. Accept everything and everyone with humble forgiveness and God will do the same for you, for us. Number 3. Is a little more challenging with which to cope. That is we are all part of God… yes that includes your SOB boss, your budinski mother-in-law, and the seemingly miserable clerk who butters your roll each morning in the deli. God is in all of them, God is all of them. Now if you are a scaredey-Catholic, you will have trouble with 1 and 2, and especially 3. It may not be your “Grandfather’s Catechism” but it is doctrine and dogma. Read your Bible with a little more closeness in your heart, and listen with a keener ear to what Pope Frances said about forgiveness: “No one is condemned forever.” Them are some strong words. Cling to those words, and you are practicing PBJ Religion, which compliments every other religion; goes with everything like beige. And find true Peace.

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