“The Three C’s of How to Make Your Life Suck Just a Little Bit Less Right Now”



Most of us don’t go around regularly and say that life sucks. Life doesn’t really suck. We sort of do it to ourselves. But many of us reflect that sentiment in our daily actions. We complain, compare, and compete. When we perform these three C’s, we reveal that we are not totally happy—because we are not at peace.


Don’t complain. You may have heard the expression that “Eighty percent of the people don’t care… and the other twenty percent are glad you have the problems that you do!” Everyone has some degree of jealously, anxiety and insecurity; it’s the human, inherent condition.


Don’t compare. The Desiderata says, “There will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”


Don’t compete. Instead, cooperate and collaborate; at work and at home. YOU are your only competition. It was never any other way.

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