“Cafeteria Catholic…”

You hear people describe themselves this way.  They choose, and they think.  My Mother would have been 102 today, and one of her expressions was, “Put on your thinking cap.”  To me that means don’t leave your common sense at the big, old, creaky church doors.  Jesus did NOT want us to follow blindly, but to ponder and make the bestest and the mostest out of ourselves.  And no church should be political, not in the good ole’ US of A that is.  Not political, but personal.  Bishop Fulton Sheen said, ” Jesus did not come to change our politics… He came to change our lives.”  So brothers and sisters: think. Think deeply.  Let your self ponder the mysteries, they are magical and they are delicious.  Follow your heart.  Dan Fogelberg sang, “Trust isn’t something that’s spoken… and Love’s never wrong when it’s real!

black and white restaurant lunch kitchen
Photo by Tinyography on Pexels.com

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