Early review from a reader, and HOW to use it!

Early Reader Review of

“PBJ Religion… Finding Simple Peace” (potential publication date: April, 2020), from Stephanie Repaci, Campus Director of Student Life at Broward College in Florida…

“The author says right upfront how this will not be traditional text!  And it’s not!  It’s a transfer to the relatable—with lots of pop culture inserted; kind of like watching a Seinfeld episode.     The author breaks down his manuscript into four sections, which resonates with the reader.  It cannot really be described as philosophical, but the add-ons give it a rich historical perspective.  PBJ Religion goes far beyond Biblical references; Tim McHeffey is truly a twenty-first century writer!  The subtitle promises that this book is a path to inner peace.  And it is.  The Peacemeal Notes to Self help to re-emphasize that… just another nuance making this book an easy read.”

Thank you, Stephanie for your kind and detailed assessment of PBJ Religion!  This week I wish to emphasize a few guidelines I continually adopt for my own life—comparing Stephanie’s review to my own life (and perhaps yours as well?).

  1. We don’t have to be so traditional if it doesn’t work for us. Begin your own fresh and new!
  2. Life must resonate with us… it must feel right.
  3. Your life IS YOUR manuscript. Break it down into manageable pieces and sections.
  4. Make your own Notes to Self. In the end, it’s only you who is responsible for everything in your own life.
  5. “Life” should be an easy read. We often make it waaay too hard and it does not have to be.

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