Don’t even try to appreciate…

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A common piece of advice in dealing with challenging situations is to first appreciate what one has.  PBJ Religion says this is wonderful… IF it were possible.  The fact is though that life is taxing for many, downright arduous for some (life kind of sucks for a lot of people—we may not be in a cross section of what takes place in the rest of the whole world; we tend to take a bunch for granted).  The first step is to Accept… everyone and everything.  Yes, that includes your sneaky co-worker, and your elected officials.  It includes your measly take-home pay, and your judgmental Uncle Paul and Aunt Donna.  And yes it includes accepting you, yourself and all your screw-up decisions; pimples, greys, farts, and all the dumb things that come out of your mouth. Accept it all.  PBJ Religion does not say to love these actions, just accept them without judgement.  But then immediately Aspire to a better mental picture.  Keep hoping, get back on the horse or the bike or whatever metaphor you choose.  Forgive yourself, and you will learn how to forgive others better.  Accept (forgive) and then Aspire (hope), and you will quickly discover that Appreciation becomes an amazing byproduct of life.

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